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We are a New York-based Construction Photography Documentation (CPD) company offering customers professional 3D scanning and virtual tours of their personal and business construction sites before the walls go up.  


With a team of expert and experienced photographers using the latest equipment and filing technology, we document every square inch of your construction site. We use modern software and high tech cameras in our project, capturing giving you high-quality images and videos.

We cover every stud and junction of your building, including the plumbing, a/c ducts and the wiring. We provide you with a map of your property allowing you identify all you need in your property. With your login access, you can securely access these images and video recordings of your construction, take screenshots and pictures and send it to your builders and repairers. At MaxVision360, we offer our customers excellent services and boast of accuracy and effectiveness while rendering them. We understand that you might choose to make future changes or repairs to your home and we make these changes easier for you.


With unlimited access to our CPM files, you know where everything is in your house, where each wire or pipe runs, what joints hold up the walls. So if there are any issues with your property, later on, you know where to find everything. You no longer need to spend money to take down a whole wall; instead, you only focus on the area affected. All you have to do is take a screenshot, add a note and send it to the repair guy




Many homeowners and builders start to find errors in their buildings months/years after construction has been completed. Whether it is leakage, drywall, or faulty wiring, these errors could grow into significant problems that would cost a lot of money to fix. It would cost even more to fix them, having no idea of the direct location of the problem.

With proper documentation of the construction progress, property owners can later on make necessary adjustments at even cheaper costs. And this is where we come in, MaxVision360 provides property owners with 360-degree accurate photos and videos of construction projects, helping you in locating any future issues with your project.

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We pay attention to details and document each square inch of the construction site. From framing specs to plumbing, carpentry, and wiring, we make sure nothing is omitted in our photographed documentation.

Writing Documents


With your secure login details, you can access these photo and video documentation of your project anywhere and at any time. With MaxVision360, you also enjoy lifetime access to documentation, giving you protection from future liabilities.

You can access these CPD files from anywhere using your login details on our website. Our intuitive direct-click system also embeds these photos into blueprint PDF files that make it easy to find any location of the project you want.

Our CPD files are stored forever and can easily be drawn up when should you need to add a new fixture or extension to your home. You can find every detail you need without opening an entire wall.

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With MaxVision360, your home remains in top-notch condition for as long as you desire. Our CPM lifetime files give you all the information you need to know about how your property looks behind the walls.

We make it a lot easier for you to identify faults that may later arise without spending thousands of dollars on trial and error. We also make renovating your property and adding new fixtures faster as constructors can work around vital parts of the property.


MaxVision360 is a low-cost way to know exactly what goes on under your property. With our CPD, your home retains its value as drastic changes do not have to be made to amend any problems that might arise. You get to keep the same wall structures with little or no changes being made.

We are a much cheaper solution to helping you enjoy the full value of your home.

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Perfect Execution

Homeowners often want reassurance that their contractors are doing a great job on their new home. MaxVision360 ensures their investments are safeguarded, helping them locate different parts of the house they would like to make changes to and also where to make renovations when needed.

Take a walkthrough of our sample home 3D image and video documentation to get a feel of what we do.





With the images and videos from the MaxVision360 tour of my home, we were able to identify a leak that started five years after we moved in. With our CPD files, we made notes on the affected areas and shared them with our repair guys. This saved us more money on repair costs

-M. Peters (Homeowner)



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